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Commercial and Residential Painting

When it comes to painting, we're the pros.

Commercial Painting


Whether you’re a landlord, a property management company or a business owner, we recognize that your commercial painting project is going to have unique requirements. Over the years, countless Milwaukee-area businesses have trusted us to take care of their painting needs.

Our aim isn’t to maximize profits on each job, it’s to maximize relationships. We understand that trustworthiness, quality workmanship, and solid communication is what our clients want, and that’s what we deliver. That’s why referrals and repeat business comprise a large percentage of our work.

 Top-3 Reasons to choose Pro PainterMKE

Regardless of the size or unique specifications of the job, there are certain things you can always expect when you choose Pro PainterMKE for your commercial painting needs:

  1. Pro Project Plan
    We always provide you with a project plan that includes a comprehensive schedule and a budget tailored to fit your needs. Our plans allow us to minimize disruptions in your workplace – allowing us, and you, to get the job done safely and efficiently.


  2. Quality
    We’re bonded and insured, plus every
    Pro PainterMKE employee undergoes a rigorous training process. We also use the highest quality products and painting techniques to maximize the lifespan of our work and reduce ongoing maintenance needs.

  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Our job is done only when you’re 100% satisfied with every detail—and we stand behind all of our work. We also have a 10-day, no-fault painting touch up service.

Residential Painting


Your home is a sanctuary: the place where you and your family spend your days living and relaxing. A place where friends and family gather to celebrate special moments in life. Whether you need interior or exterior painting, you can trust the experts at Pro PainterMKE to give your home the treatment it deserves.

 Top-3 Reasons to choose Pro PainterMKE

  1. Your home and your family deserve the best 
    Your home isn’t just a financial asset, it’s your sanctuary. When expertly applied, a fresh coat of quality paint not only improves the value of your home, it improves the quality of life of the people who live there—you and your family.


  2. Our team is your team
    Not only are we bonded and insured, but we carefully train everyone on our team in all aspects of interior and exterior painting: surface preparation, priming, paint selection, trim work, and more. Beyond covering the technical details, our team becomes your team when they’re on a job. They take every measure necessary to ensure that your furniture and other belongings are in as good—or better—shape than when we started. We care about you and your home, and we aim to make you happy.


  3. We don’t just promise quality, we guarantee it.
    Our job isn’t done until you’re completely satisfied with every detail of our work. 

Additional Services

Beyond painting. We get the job done.


When a job requires more than standard painting expertise, here are some of the additional services we can provide:

  • Pro Painter for a Day
    We have experts on our staff with a wide range of skills. With our Pro Painter for a Day Service, we send an expert contractor for up to eight hours in order to take care of those small jobs you may not have for. 

    With our Pro Painter for a Day service, one of our qualified, professional painting contractors will come to your home to take care of these odd jobs. Don’t spend another day bothered by that ugly wallpaper or trim that needs repainting. Give
    Pro PainterMKE one day so you can refocus on the things you love about your home!

  • Wallpaper Removal

    Trust us, this is not a job for an inexperienced DIYer. For the uninitiated, there is only one thing more frustrating and stressful than removing old wallpaper: painting over old wallpaper and then realizing that you are soon going to have to remove the new paint and the old wallpaper. Pro PainterMKE has the specialty tools and experience to get the job done right the first time; so let us remove that ugly old wallpaper for you!

  • Drywall Installation & Repair
    Unfinished walls and ceilings? Cracked plaster? Buckled walls? No problem! Whether you need minor patchwork or full drywall installation,
    Pro PainterMKE can make your walls and ceilings look fabulous from the inside out.

  • Carpentry
    Ready to replace those old cabinets? What about paint touch-ups after the new ones are hung? We’ve got you covered. From installing molding to replacing studs and floor joists, our professional team can help with your remodeling project.